Sunday, November 10, 2013

Crazy Halloween

October flew by this year! So Halloween decorations came out and went back into the box so quickly I'm still not sure where the time went. The girls got to do some fun Halloween stuff, though.

Aunt Joanie and Uncle Bruce had their annual Halloween party that included traditional games like bobbing for apples, donut-eating contest, wrap the mummy. We always have such a great time with the Quigleys.

Emily, Bianca, Portia and me
The Saturday before Halloween, Portia got to play spooky Halloween songs with other cellists around the state in the Suzuki Halloween play-in. They dressed in their costumes—Portia was a princess—and played Witch's Dance (Paganini) and Moon over the Ruined Castle out of the Suzuki book, and then learned the Ghost of John and Itsy Bitsy Spider. Then they just played other Suzuki songs. There was a lecture at the same time for the parents so I missed recording the spooky stuff. The only thing I got was Musette at the end. You can tell Portia's starting to lose interest as her bowings are suffering and she's getting distracted (wow she looks around a lot).

On Halloween, the girls got to wear their costumes to school. Portia decided to be Cherry Jam (a Strawberry Shortcake character). Her favorite part was the pink hairspray she got to wear. Since I was working, I couldn't go to the school Halloween parade so Eric did and sent me some pictures at work. Look how cute my little sweetie is with her friends Ashley and Halle.

Bianca decided this year that she wanted to be Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series of books she loves. The costume didn't involve much but a Camp Half Blood t-shirt, a necklace of beads she painted herself, owl earrings, and a baseball cap. Costumes seem to be getting less interesting as kids get older. I guess that is the way things work.

Every year, we would go to the trick-or-treat at Eric's work but thankfully my work did one. So my kids got to come see my office and see the big Panda and get candy from my co-workers. I dressed up in my sari since I never get to wear it and went as an Indian princess. I wasn't around to get pictures today so Bianca nearly slipped through the cracks. Thankfully there was one picture of the three of us at work.

We had our traditional pumpkin pizza for dinner. Bianca went to a Halloween party with some friends in the ward, and they all went trick-or-treating together. Portia wanted to go with our neighbor Reba so I went with Reba's mom all over. It felt nice to get out and walk around (a common problem I've been having with sitting so much at the office). It was a beautiful fall night. And the kids returned home with gobs of candy.