Thursday, October 2, 2014

Portia's still playing her cello

I love how Portia's cello teacher plays with her during lessons so one day I recorded them playing out of her note-reading book. It's a simple song but she's learning how to play with others.

And here she is playing with the other cellists during Cello Day at UVU this fall.

Since I've started working, Eric and I have both been working with Portia on her cello practice. I take about 20 minutes before school and work, practicing new Suzuki pieces and scales. She's finishing up Book 3 soon.  Eric does note-reading and Suzuki review with Portia when she gets home from school. Practice is not always easy but I think she knows we're spending the time with her doing it for her own good. Here is one of our not-so-good days but I thought it was kind of beautiful the way Portia's tear is running down the cello. She was probably arguing with me when I was making her re-do something she didn't play quite right. Am I crazy to spend so much time on this? Probably, but she really is learning a ton and progressing so fast!