Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bianca's Project

In January, I always get a bit of cabin fever. My way to get through it is with projects. I like to have some sort of project around the house that I focus on. This year, it's getting Portia's big-girl room ready (which will be her 2nd birthday present this year). And I LOVE theme rooms. So we're doing birds.

I've been sorting through the best bird bedding online, hoarding bird things (you should have seen all the Christmas clearance bird and owl stuff they had at Target this year!), and compiling a file of "room" ideas from potterybarn kids catalogues, Internet ideas, etc.

Bianca got on board too. She wanted to make something special for Portia for her birthday. Portia's birthday isn't until April, but Bianca finished her projects--a stuffed bird and owl made from felt. I helped cut out the shapes, but she did all the sewing and stitching herself. She's becoming quite good at sewing!


I'm a little anxious to get going on her room, but am forced to wait. Portia's still very happy in her crib, and while she's happy, I'm happy. We'll wait on most of the big-girl room stuff. Anyway, I've still got a lot of projects to hold me over through the winter, even if I can't put them all up yet.


Christie Gardiner said...

I'm impressed! I just got Hailey's room done today and it is so beautiful! It's a magical fairy room! I love it. It's a little brighter than I'd imagined but I think that the brightness gives it a younger feel which is good! I love decorating.

Crystal said...

Those are so cute, Jeana! I'm impressed too. That is very creative of you guys. If I'd had money last year when that owl bedding from PB Kids came out, I'd have completely redone Chaylee's room in it. I love it so much. I'm sure Portia's room will be so cute. Be sure to post pictures when it's all done. I'm still in the process of finishing up Abby's big girl room. She just moved out of the crib in Sept. Cayden has made finishing it a slow process for me.

rachel said... The words "Bianca" and "Etsy shop" keep running through my head. Those turned out so cute! I can't wait to see it when you're done. Have you decided what you're going to do about the dresser yet?

Jeana said...

Christie, I'd love to see pictures of Hailey's room; it sounds really cute.

Crystal, I didn't end up buying the PBK bedding; with everything I wanted, it was up to $400, which I just couldn't justify, but I found something that I think will be almost as cute and has bluebirds too.

Rachel, I haven't decided on the dresser yet, but I'm considering putting the bed at an angle like you suggested. I think what we'll do in the meantime is change out Bianca's dresser and bring her old one (which was actually my old dresser from when I was a child) up to Portia's room. The wood of the nursery dresser is too close/yet too different to the bed stain.