Friday, April 24, 2009

Portia's Two!

Yesterday was Portia's second birthday. We did a small family party (just the four of us). We had pizza for dinner, which is one of the only meals I can consistently get Portia to eat.

Portia and Bianca right before birthday cake

In lieu of a birthday cake, we did a Razzleberry Pie. Portia loves pie and that's what she said she wanted when I asked her if she wanted cake or pie.

Then came presents. Since our present was her big-girl room, there wasn't much in wrapping paper. Fortunately, Bianca's been working on Portia's present for the last six months. Here's Portia with the owl that Bianca made for her.

Portia after opening her present from Bianca

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Crystal said...

I can't believe she's two already. You just had her! She's so sweet looking. Happy birthday, Portia!