Monday, November 22, 2010

Witches Brew

Portia's preschool did a Witches Brew etiquette luncheon instead of a typical Halloween party this year. They were supposed to wear their best dresses rather than a costume. They had a five-course meal and Portia was escorted to her seat by a gentleman.


They used fine china.


Portia tried a pickle and says she liked it, although she wouldn't eat one for me at home.


They drank out of goblets.


Portia loved the chocolate-covered strawberry and she will eat those for me at home.


Here's Portia's cute preschool class.



I love my Portia!


Cami said...

She's such a beauty.
She has your pretty eyes.

What a great idea!

Erin said...

How cute. I would eat a chocolate covered strawberry over a pickle any day!

thefirewoman said...

Is this the APA one? This was a way cool idea.

Tell me about that dress! It's gorgeous.

Jeana said...

Yes, this is the APA preschool. Portia loves it so much. And the dress is from the Netherlands--how did you know? =)

Crystal said...

What is APA preschool? Looks like a fun idea.

Jeana said...

Oh, it's over by the American Prep Academy (APA) charter school.