Tuesday, July 26, 2011

St. Louis = Ringlets

So we spent almost two and a half weeks in St. Louis this summer.

The first week was all my brothers and sisters and their spouses and was an official Family Reunion week. We started our week off on Sunday with all five of us and our families at the Waterloo branch for church. It was fun to see all the pews we filled up. And we hung out together at mom's afterwards.

The fourth of July was on Monday and mom had organized a barbecue with all of us and her side of the family at Konarcik Park. (Above: Portia and Preston played on the see-saw.) The kids mostly loved the merry-go-round and only three or four kids flew off it. We went to Columbia to watch the fireworks at The Legion afterward.

On Tuesday, we went to the zoo. The amazing St. Louis zoo. Of course we all got up early to do the free things. Here's my family riding the carousel free. Everyone else went to the Magic House but we stayed at the zoo because we hadn't been home in two years and I wanted to cover almost everything. We met at Micah and Karma's house afterward, where we ate Butter Burgers and Frozen Custard at Culver's and then did a whole night of fireworks in Micah's driveway.

On Wednesday, we drove to Meramec River to go floating. It really was fun. My little family had a raft (really a blow-up boat) and we spent most of our time just floating down the river with our lifejackets keeping us afloat. It started storming a little and we had to paddle a while to get us back in time. We spent the night at the luxurious (yes, I'm kidding) hotel near the river. The next morning, we zip-lined over the Meramec River. This was definitely more fun than I expected and exhilarating! We then toured the caverns and drove home.

On Friday, we drove up past Grafton, Illinois to an island on the Mississippi. We stopped on the way in front of this piasa bird. I think it's the only photo of the entire family we got (a couple of the small children are hiding, including my very own Portia).

After we took the ferry to the island, we ate at the buffet at the Hotel. The food really was good--and there was so much of it!

Saturday we had my book signing at the Waterloo Library. I had never done a signing before but it turned out really well. In fact, it was more of Q&A. I sold all the books I brought plus nine more. Thanks to my sister-in-law Karma for being the official book-signing photographer.

We went to Imo's Pizza for lunch, saw a movie (Zookeeper) at the Waterloo theater, and then went up to Collinsville for the Dash 'N' Splash (a 5K race). There was a lot of trash talking before the race about who was going to beat whom. Bianca ran it with me and it was so freaking hot. The race started at 6pm, which is truly unbearable in the St. Louis humidity. Fortunately, I had Bianca begging me to walk with her. I admit I was glad she held me back because there was no way I was going to beat my sister's 26-minute 5K. Afterward, they cleared out the entire water park, fed us dinner catered by Qdoba, and had a DJ there while we (and our families) ran around the splash park until ten. This was the end of the official family reunion. My brother and Eric left on Sunday.

The rest of us went to our great aunt Grace's funeral in Highland. Since I was staying on, I took my girls to do some other fun stuff. We did go to The Magic House. (Check out that hair!) This is the picture that the face recognition on Facebook asked if Bianca was Susannah Harper and Portia was Jeana. Funny, really!

We went to the Scott Joplin house, which we've never done before but it turned out pretty fun.

Science Center, shopping, Cahokia Mounds. Unfortunately, you have to throw getting sick in there. All three of us got that strange sickness of sleeping, high temp, headaches and sore throat into the mix. I got together with several of my friends as well--Hilary, Jamie, Scott, Sara and Christa.

Mom drove home with me and stayed a week, and then flew home.

I'll end this ridiculously long blog by saying that besides my family, I'm going to miss most the way the humidity curled Portia's hair into beautiful ringlets. It's curly in Utah, but it's amazing in St. Louis. The humidity was awful (running in the morning was like a sweat bath) and the air was constantly pressing in on me every time I walked outside.

So long, St. Louis! So long, humidity! So long, ringlets!


Christie Gardiner said...

What a fun trip!

Cami said...

Love these fun photos!
I'm still so thrilled that your book signing went well. Saw your book up on display at Bingham Creek this week and took a photo for you. :)

Jeana said...

Oh, that's awesome Cami. Thanks for capturing it for me. I'm curious what kind of display it was.

thefirewoman said...

I looks like you had an incredible time!! Perhaps it's time for a book signing at Bingham Creek?

Crystal said...

Glad you had a good time. Her hair does look beautiful that way.