Monday, June 18, 2012

Emotional Attachments

My little family is dealing with a lot of change right now. A lot of it is stuff we've chosen. But still, it can be hard and I've realized in the midst of all this change that I become really emotionally attached to things.

A couple weekends ago, we traded in my car. I've had it for about six years and it has been such a good car for us. I loved it--and still do--but the miles were getting up there and our warranty was over. So we traded it in. As I was clearing all my crap from the car, and there was A LOT of it, it kind of hurt my heart. Before we dropped it off, we took a couple pictures with our car.

I hate to think how difficult it's going to be for me to leave our house in Herriman. We have to move in less than two weeks. I've lived here for almost 12 years and love this house. It's stored all my memories with my little family from the very beginning. I'm trying to be strong. Sometimes I still wonder if this was the right thing to do (especially when I walk into our "new" house and see it filled with holes from the demo and air conditioning we put in). I think it is, but this transitional phase is sure hard.

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Erin said...

Leaving a home and a car at the same time would be a big double whammy. I remember when my mom sold her car when I was at school. I cried and cried because I missed all the memories that car contained.