Monday, February 4, 2013

Portia's First Suzuki Graduation on Cello

I never did this Suzuki stuff with Bianca. But because Portia's only five, it was a lot faster for her to start cello with the Suzuki method rather than reading music (although she's doing some of that too with I CAN READ MUSIC). She's been taking lessons about six months now and has made some good progress, but this method is very "mother-intensive" and that means there's a lot of hovering.

I'm glad, however, that Portia has FINALLY graduated from the Twinkles in its very many variations. I'm so glad that we don't have to practice them every day anymore. Besides a couple bow issues and her cello slipped from her shoulder, she performed them all fairly well.

The other song she graduated was French Folk Song. I actually like this one quite a bit. She had this one down so I was surprised when she started off with her bowings the wrong direction. She never does this at home. However, there was a huge crowd of kids and a huge audience so she was overwhelmed. This photo sums up how she felt about the whole situation.

I swear there were other girls at the graduation but in this video of Portia playing French Folk Song, it looks like she's the only girl in a sea of boys.

We don't get to stop practicing French Folk Song, however, because she has to play this one for Federation (a term I just learned which has judges and gold cups) and for her recital next month.

Because of the way you sit while holding the cello (between your legs), I had to choose a dress with plenty of extra fabric in the skirt (her Christmas dress) and had her wear leggings. Portia tends not to be so ladylike to begin with. We also had to do "cello hair" which was a french braid off the side away from the pegs and knotted into a bun. Portia's hair is always getting entangled in the pegs when she practices. After the graduation she was relieved. I've realized that holding the cello is not doing much to help her sit like a lady, though.

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Susannah Harper said...

So cute! I love the bow! Sounds great and seems to me like all the hard work is paying off.