Thursday, May 30, 2013


Bianca graduated from sixth grade. There was a big ceremony where they all dressed up (no cap and gown though) to get their certificate. Congressman Chaffetz spoke to the kids (I think that's a pretty big deal, but then found out his daughter is a sixth grader at Westfield too).

Bianca got the Presidential gold award for good grades. I'm not surprised. She's such a good reader and got the highest grade in her class all three terms for language arts (the teacher Mrs. Nevarez was really cool--Bianca LOVED her--and would buy the student with the highest grade in each subject Subway for lunch). I'm very proud of Bianca for all her hard work. I love that I don't have to oversee her homework anymore. This whole year, she took the responsibility for herself, and that's exactly what I want at this age. Because middle school is next year and that is going to be a lot more teachers and a lot more homework, just a lot more work! I think she's ready.
Bianca's teacher Mrs. Nevarez

We sat at the ceremony and Portia was surrounded by friends in her class who also had sixth-grade siblings. That girl is always playing, playing, playing. She's so smart, but I think it's going to take a lot more effort to reign her in! They didn't have a graduation for kindergarten, but the teacher did give all the kids little awards and Portia was titled "Miss Friendly." Hmmm, that seems fitting. I got a bunch of pictures of Portia with her friends, but Bianca wouldn't sit still for a second for me to get some of her with her friends. There was a bbq afterward at the park and she just wanted to change out of that dress and get out of there.

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