Saturday, August 31, 2013

Change is in the air... kind of like a whirlwind!

Last week's calendar looked something like this:

Monday -- Bianca's first day of middle school
Tuesday -- Portia's first day of first grade
Thursday -- Jeana's first day of work
Friday -- Eric's last day of work

It has been an adjustment. Our mornings start with the ringing of long tones from Bianca's viola at six a.m. That's when I drag myself out of bed and start getting ready for work. Now I've worked flexible jobs here and there over the last eight years, but not full-time. The first day I came home from working my eight hours, my body ached (and yes, I have an office job where I'm sitting in front of a computer) and my head hurt with the loads of info crammed into it. 

Bianca and Portia on Portia's first day of school
I kind of feel bad now for always nagging my kids to get started on other things after they'd stagger in the door from school. They need some down time. Their brains hurt. I get it. Now, they veg in front of the computer or TV until I stagger in the door.

After Eric stopped working (and while he's setting up his own company), he's playing mom. He gets the kids breakfast and lunches, does the dishes, makes the bed. He has dinner on the table when I get home from work. We'll  eat better now that Eric's in charge of food! He is the master chef around here. 

I feel I need to explain why we made the decision we did: Things at Eric's work had gotten toxic. This was something he needed to do. I'm trying to support him even though starting our own company is risky. 

One thing is sure: Eric is a very hard worker and he's proven he knows his way around business deals. So I'll trust for now.

Any change takes adjustment. We're bending now, trying not to break in the midst of this whirlwind. This ought to be an interesting year! Wish us luck!


Stephanie said...

I am excited for your new adventures!

Susannah Harper said...

Ha! It's funny when you realize how exhausting the day must be for our little ones. I tend to push them straight into homework too while they are still in that mindset.