Thursday, July 9, 2015

Watters Family Reunion 2015

We have a family reunion every two years. This year, mom planned it for Bear Lake (only 3 hours from us!) for all of my siblings and our families to spend time together. Mom rented this really nice log house to stay in with a view of the lake. Oh, and we all got these great matching t-shirts. =)

With these matching t-shirts, we were ready for a family portrait that we haven't done in quite some time (yes, Bianca is missing but don't worry, she got a t-shirt).

The weather was surprisingly cold for July so we spent a lot of time inside (and even built a fire!) but also went hiking up into Winnetonka Cave, spent one day on the lake in boats (I'd elaborate but I think it's still a touchy story for those who were on the boat that broke down), and saw a play. Honestly, it was a relaxing weekend where we could all talk and spend time as a family.

(btw, those people in the last row are NOT part of the Watters family--hahaha)

Swimming in the lake

on the boat

We had little FHEs every night and took turns who taught (I did my lesson on talents). And mom had fun little crafts for each night.

I love spending time with my family!!! Bianca wasn't here because she's in Indiana, but it's also fun to see my kids playing with their cousins they don't get to see all that often.

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention the shakes. We had an excuse to get ice cream often, even with the cold weather.

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