Wednesday, December 23, 2015

England Day Three: Bath

I've been having a very difficult time sleeping in this bed. I don't mind the uneven floors but an uncomfortable bed is hard to deal with. But the floors creak and the house groans at night. Everytime someone gets up in the night and creeps down the creaky steps to the water closet (and it really is a water closet, nearly an outhouse as it's outside the main doors of the house), it wakes the whole house up.

We slept in until 9 this morning, then had our breakfast of fruit, toast and cocoa all scrunched up at the table. After finally getting ready, we headed off to Bath. It was a bit of a drive so we didn't arrive until noon. First, we walked through the University.

We also walked around some public parks.

Next we visited the Jane Austen musem, which Eric was a good sport about. Jane Austen had lived in Bath (and set two of her novels there) so they're trying to take a little ownership of her. I'd recently read Northanger Abbey (Austen's first novel that also takes place there), so it was fresh in my mind and made it even more exciting and interesting. She died at 41, that's like me dying next year. Kind of a sobering thought. We got to eat plum cake (Austen's mother's recipe) and put on Austen-esque clothing at the end. The girls used the ink & quill.

Next, we visited the Roman baths that make Bath "Bath." The girls wanted to put their hands in the hot springs, but it wasn't allowed. We did drink some of the water though, but it was very mineral-ly and not so good. Maybe it will make this cold go away.

After a teensy bit of shopping (they had an Anthropologie!), we wanted to get some dinner. We had a hard time finding a good place to eat. It gets dark around 4 o'clock around here, which makes us all even hungrier. And more frustrated when we can't agree upon a place to eat, and when we finally did, they were booked for the night. We ended up at a pub near our cottage called The Four Alls. Probably my least favorite meal of the trip. Meh.

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Susannah Harper said...

I loved touring Bath. Very unique.