Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meet Jillyboo

Jillyboo is our new cat. We got her on Friday at the Humane Society adoption center at Petco. She's part Siamese and part Himalayan and she has light blue eyes. She's really a sweet, docile little cat who will sit in your lap for an hour. She also likes to be carted around in a basket. She hid the first couple days, but is starting to get used to us (although Portia is still not allowed to hold her after I caught her swinging the poor kitty by the head).

One of our favorite things is when Jillyboo hides under the dishwasher. I swear she thinks we can't see her, but we've started calling it our "furry-pawed" dishwasher.


I'm so glad to have a cat in the house again and so are the girls. But I don't know about Tigger. Here they are, about as close as I've seen them to each other.



rachel said...

She's cute! I'm so glad you got a cat. :) How does Tigger do with her?

Christie Gardiner said...

:) Cute

Anonymous said...

Cute kitty! I especially like the photo hiding under the dishwasher. Ha Ha!

Erin said...

The picture of Tigger and Jillyboo was really cute. Tigger better watch out because soon Jillyboo will be bigger than he is.