Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Viola Recital

Yesterday was Bianca's viola recital. I'm so relieved I don't have to hear these songs anymore as she'd been practicing them for quite some time. As had I--because I was playing the accompaniment. I'd been very nervous about it, hoping that I wouldn't break rhythm and screw her up. See, it's different when you're playing a piano solo because your mess-up belongs to you. But when you're playing for someone else, your screw-up can screw them up too. I'd considered medicating myself but was told on many fronts it's just not worth it. I'm still not sure about that, but I plowed through and felt a little better when the viola teacher (who was accompanying the other kids) messed up too. Bianca performed two pieces. I was really excited about her vibrato here (it's the first time she's performed using vibrato and I think she did really well). Her first song was Bach's "Air on the G String" (which was the song that had worried me).

I messed up a couple times. If you weren't sure where, just look at my face when I'm playing. I always give myself away. Bianca does it too when she plays a wrong note.

Her second piece was one that she composed herself called "Moonlight." The piano part was MUCH easier!

After the recital, we stopped by a little dessert shop called "The Chocolate" for goodies. It's in this old house that's decorated really cute, where we relaxed on couches and enjoyed our treats. I went as far as asking for a family picture since we were all sort of dressed up, but I guess that was asking too much. Bianca must have been more nervous or spent than I realized because she was completely ornery and refused to give me a good picture. I told her later (after I was really upset) that I was just trying to celebrate her accomplishment and why wouldn't she let me?!?

Here's what I ended up with. First, Bianca couldn't stop reading her book:

Next, I had taken her book away so she gave her most obnoxious not-pretty look:

I was hoping this one from earlier at the recital hall might work but why is Eric bending over like that? I guess I can't blame this on Bianca:

It's okay. Sometimes I just need to relax and get over the fact that pictures aren't always perfect, just like performances. The sooner I can accept that, the better.


Christie Gardiner said...

It was great. I can't believe how well she plays considering how young she is!

thefirewoman said...

She did a fantastic job and so did you! I love her dress...and why is Eric bending over like that? Is he taking a bow? :)

Jeana said...

Ha ha--I think he was trying to make sure he made it into the frame of the camera. Hmmmm.

Cami said...

Children teach us the best lessons. I always learn mine after I've blown up at them or over reacted.