Friday, February 4, 2011

Science Fair

The science fair wasn't so bad this time around. I made a decision this year: Bianca was on her own. She needed to come up with her own idea and do all the work herself. Not me.

So back when we were in Jackson Hole, we were all sitting down after a full day of skiing and snowboarding to watch a television show (probably Psych). We all had glasses (of the same size) of water (of varying amounts) we were drinking. That's when Bianca hit the glasses with a spoon and realized she could create music with them. This was the inspiration for Bianca's science fair project this year.

Besides a little help with the graph from Eric and a little help positioning the papers on the board from me, Bianca did this year's project on her own. She still didn't win. But when it doesn't take quite so long (or so much work), the disappointment isn't as bitter.


Erin said...

I bet she feels really good knowing that she did her whole project by herself. Her project looked great. A nice combination of music and science.

rachel said...

That's awesome! She did such a great job.