Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter and a Birthday

I feel sorry for people who have birthdays on holidays. Actually, I feel worse for their parents. This weekend, Portia’s birthday fell on the Saturday right before Easter.  There was a lot to do! 

I decided with Portia that I’d wait to have a birthday party with friends until she turns five. So, this year, when she turned four, it was just going to be us. We went to a movie—African Cats—and then Portia got to pick where we ate—Fuddrucker’s because they have balloons. But they also have cheeseburgers and French fries and the cheese dipping sauce.

Then we went home for cupcakes and presents. 

 Easter was the next day. The weather wasn't great, which is surprising considering how late Easter was this year. We had to rush home from church to do Easter eggs before it started to rain again. We thought we were on our own this year but at the last minute, Eric's cousin's wife's parents (Dale and Rosalie) invited us to their house for dinner. It's so wonderful that they included us in their gathering. They had a barbecue and, fortunately, on the east side of town, it didn't rain quite so much. As much fun as it was, I was relieved when this weekend ended.


ern said...

I meant to tell you on Sunday, I loved Portia's little dress! So perfect for spring!!

Andressa said...

Cute girls!

rachel said...

I love both their dresses!

Anonymous said...

Such cute dresses! Sounds like you had an awesome week-end! Yeah for Portia's birthday!!!