Saturday, April 23, 2011

Orchestra and boys?!?

I'm not a good influence on Bianca. I was a little boy-crazy as a kid. There was that time in first grade that I tackled a third-grade boy at recess and kissed him on the cheek. He told his teacher and I got into trouble. No worries--I got to dump that same boy in high school.

So on Tuesday, Bianca was invited to "guest conduct" for one of the other school orchestras in West Jordan. She was thrilled. They wanted her to play viola with their orchestra and then come conduct her song they were playing.  Bianca did great. As we were leaving the concert, one of the girls from the orchestra leaned over and said to Bianca, "A boy in our orchestra likes you."

Bianca nodded bashfully and kept walking. I leaned over and whispered, "Go ask her who it is.  Is he cute?" She refused. Yes, I know, it wasn't one of my finest parenting moments. But I can't help it; that time in my life was a lot of fun and I can only live it through her now. I'd hate for her to miss out on anything. But she's a much different girl than I was. She's shocked when I tell her that I kissed a boy in fourth grade. Bianca seems so far away from that, which is a good thing. Although I happen to know that there is a boy in her class she likes. I'm sworn to secrecy though.

On another "boy" note, last week after her school orchestra concert, two of the boys in Bianca's class told her they didn't believe she wrote that song the orchestra played. "It was too good," one had said. I told Bianca to just take it as a compliment and move on, but instead, she lugged her composition binder (with her 70-plus compositions in it) into her backpack to take to school to show them all the songs she's written. She said that shut them up.

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HAHAHA-I'm glad you shared this!!