Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Trip to England PART FIVE (Plymouth)

On Thursday, we drove to Plymouth to go to the  national aquarium of England. And yes, it's the Plymouth you're thinking of--the very place from where the Mayflower departed. The aquarium was a lot of fun but not a lot different from aquariums in the US. I guess a fish is a fish regardless of where you are. That's okay. My girls love going to the aquarium. Bianca and Portia both said their favorite thing at the aquarium was seeing the loggerhead sea turtle (named Snorkel) who made her appearance at the end.

Outside of the aquarium, as we were trying to cross a the bridge to get over to where the restaurants were, there was a group of people assembled. They were waiting for the bridge (which was an automatic turn-style bridge) to let a boat out.  When the boat finally came through, it took my breath away. On the boat was written its name,  “Our Miranda.” Maybe it was a coincidence, maybe not. It kind of felt like she was making sure we knew she was there in England with us. I choose to believe that.

We ate at a Thai Noodle bar for lunch and both the girls used chopsticks to eat (Bianca would not revert back to a fork after she started). Bianca and I had the mussaman curry. We drove back home through the moors again and saw some beautiful countryside.


Joe and Marci said...

What an amazing family trip! It's so fun to see all your pictures (and just makes me a teeny bit jealous :)
I love the story of the boat...I agree with you that it was no coincedence.
Are there more pics coming?

Jeana said...

It was so fun--and I'm only about halfway through blogging the trip (I thought I wouldn't be so overwhelmed if I did it in increments). So there are definitely more pictures coming. =)

thefirewoman said...

I'm glad you broke it up in sections. I look forward to seeing more every day. And the boat...awesome.

Cherry's said...

What a beautiful tender mercy with Miranda! Miranda was such a beautiful girl!