Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Trip to England PART TWO (Teignmouth Beach and Paignton Zoo)

We decided to go to church on Sunday. It was just one town over, about a 10-minute drive. Everyone was so nice and wanted to talk to us about our “holiday” plans. We really felt loved, and Portia thought it was cool they were singing the same primary songs she does back home. 

In the afternoon, we walked down to the beach and took a walk along the coast. Then let the kids play at a cute park we found. We were starving and all the shops seemed to close around five o'clock (vacationers heading back north, I suppose, for Monday). We had planned to eat dinner in town, but nothing was open. We walked by an Indian restaurant, but when we went by, the sign said closed. We looked a little father and then turned back around. As we were walking back by the Indian restaurant, there was a group of guys inside and I mouthed, “I’m hungry” and kept walking. When Bianca, who was several paces behind me, walked by, the OPEN sign was showing. I was so glad they would feed us and thought they opened the restaurant just for us. It wasn’t until midway through the meal that I noticed they were scheduled to open at 5:30 and just opened a little early for us. Still, the food was so good!

On Monday, we took the train to Paignton to go to the zoo, per the recommendation of a woman we met at church. It was a little rainy but there were a lot of different types of animals and most of them were out because it was a nice cool day. And they had a ton of parks, even a nice, big in-door park where we rested away from the rain. I felt like we walked five miles that day.


Erin said...

Looks like fun. What an amazing trip to go on.

Cami said...

What an adventure!