Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another change

Bianca's viola teacher is moving. We've known for a little while but now it's happening. I know Bianca doesn't like change (well, who does when things are going well?) but I'm dreading the change more than she is.

We have secured a new viola teacher, and I feel Bianca will learn a lot from her. She is a professor at the University of Utah and plays for the Utah Symphony. But she's quite a bit more expensive, and it's a much farther drive. I'm trying to remain optimistic and look at this as the great opportunity it is.

Over the last couple weeks, Bianca's been a little overextended. She is playing in Herriman's Community Orchestra for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat. And she loves it. I think it's really cute to see my little Bianca there among all the older kids and adults. She's by far the youngest in the group and she keeps up with them (I do think it's funny though that she sits with cross-legs and props her feet up on her case.) These performances are nearly every night until 10:30 and Bianca has to get up at 6 to practice viola and piano and then head off to school for the day. I know she's exhausted.

In addition to Joseph every night last week, Bianca had an audition for an elite orchestra downtown SLC on Saturday morning. I wasn't sure if she was ready to be a part of this particular orchestra, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to go and find out. She did awesome at the audition, but the director said she had a few fundamentals that she needs to perfect. I kind of knew it. Bianca's really talented and very musical, but she can be "wild" as her teacher Brian says. Sometimes her bow grip gets a little off and her wrist falls so she's not bowing straight. Still, it hurts anytime you're not accepted into something you want. The director wants to see Bianca again in the spring to see if she's ready then.

Saturday afternoon was Bianca's last recital with Brian. I think her exhaustion showed iteself here. She did a great job but made some uncharacteristic mistakes. I'm really proud of her and know that she does give it her all and she (usually) works very hard. She performed the following two pieces:


satoko said...

Bianca did a great job. Sounds like she's been very busy! Marcus is so busy with his soccer, so I'm not sure that the Gifted Music School is for him, but I'd love to see Bianca in there! Best of luck!

Cami said...

Sounds exhausting. I think auditions are an important thing for the psyche.