Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paper Arts

I've been meaning to write about this for a while and finally things seems to be settling down a little. At the end of the preschool-year, Portia took a paper-arts class from her preschool teacher Miss Melissa. They made some of the cutest things so I just had to share. Portia is wearing the crown with "P" they made, and they also made the cute USA flags here. I know it's time to take these down for the year as both 4th of July and Pioneer Day are way over, but I just can't seem to do it. Can't we be patriotic all the year long? The kids also made some scrapbooks out of paper bags that we filled in with pictures. These are all definitely keepers.

Portia's showing the little bobble-head turtle she got at the Cahokia Mounds in July. And what kind of a mom can't take a second and wipe the food off her kid's cheeks before she snaps a picture? Unfortunately, that's me. Sometimes I worry if I stop my forward momentum, I'll forget what I was doing and never get around to it. You'll be happy to know Portia's cheeks are nice and clean at the moment!


Cami said...

Such cute things! I love paper bag albums.

rachel said...

These are really great! I am amazed at all her teacher's talents. I'm catching up on all of your posts and am really proud of Bianca for all she is accomplishing!!