Monday, March 19, 2012

Mad Hatter's Tea Party 2012

I'm sad to say the Mad Hatter's Tea Party is the last of these elaborate preschool parties Portia will attend. I can't believe Portia's two years at Kinderprep Academy are dwindling down. Next stop, kindergarten.

Due to all the construction in Herriman and increasing commute time, the morning of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party was rushed and I found myself muttering, "We're late, we're late, for a really important date" all the way to school.

Portia was escorted to her seat by a gentleman again. This year, she requested a certain gentleman by name.

I'm afraid Portia can be really silly about boys, this one particularly. I wonder what she says at preschool. Eric's concerned already that Portia will be our boy-crazy girl. We don't have to worry much about Bianca in this department; she's ten already and still quite indifferent about boys.

Here are the kids eating their meal. Portia definitely isn't as proper as she should be, kneeling on her chair like that.

The kids played games.

And they played some violin numbers. The violin instruction was the main thing that drew me to this preschool in the first place, but we've since decided Portia will play cello. She'll start next year with private lessons. Still, it will be good for her to have the basic knowledge of how a stringed instrument works.

But here is Portia, reading. I am really so impressed how fast Portia has picked up reading. She's always picking out words on signs as we're driving and even words in books while I'm reading. She's definitely ready for kindergarten, if not first grade!

Here's Portia with Miss Melissa. 

I know Portia's gonna miss these kids.

Especially these two girls, Aowyn and Naomi who are Portia's best friends.

The photographer spent time with Portia alone and wow, I think this girl is gorgeous!

But alas, all good things must come to an end!


Susannah Harper said...

I have to agree that Portia is gorgeous! Love those eyes. The party looked amazing!

Joe and Marci said...

Wow, she looks so much like you...of course she's gorgeous :)

Susannah Harper said...

I wonder where she gets the boy-craziness. LOL