Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I was reading a book recently in which a sister was described as a built-in, permanent friend. 

Last weekend, my sister Susannah came for a short visit from California. She brought her son Aidan and some leftover tiles (from her recent kitchen remodel) so that we could start working on tiling the laundry room in the new house. We went skiing and boarding at Brighton. We took load after load of things from my old house to my new house. She came with me to my book club and read the book to participate in the discussion. When she first arrived, we went outside in the dark of my new house and we sat on the bench near the basketball court and were overwhelmed with remembering how we had run and played as children in our wooded backyard. Then we pulled out the sleeping bags and slept over.

We really had an awesome weekend. It's amazing how much I depend on my sister to accept me for who I am and always be there to talk when I need someone and the embarrassing truths I can admit to her that will never change anything. Because there's no one in the world (besides my husband maybe) who I can be just that honest with.

When I observe my girls acting out and fighting with each other, I always remind them that they are so very lucky to have a sister. They don't usually listen. Someday they'll get it.

Bianca and Aidan before lunch at Brighton

Bianca and me snowboarding
Bianca and Aidan on a home-made bench they made

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Susannah Harper said...

Yay for a perfect week-end! We had a blast, and I am so thankful to have you as a sister and friend. I love the new house and look forward to many wonderful memories together there. See ya in a couple weeks in St. Louis for some more sister time.