Monday, April 30, 2012

A Perfect Weekend

It's a very rare day when you don't see a kid or two hanging off me. A couple weekends ago, I got a little gift from my husband in the form of a free-weekend (kid-free, that is) to my hometown in St. Louis. Just an airplane ride with no one but myself to entertain is a small gift. A read a book and a half on my way home. My sister Susannah arrived (sans kids as well) at the same time.

We slept in, shopped, ate out, talked, walked. Mom, Susannah and I even bought scarves (not exactly matching, but close) to remember the weekend. We spent some special time Friday evening at the temple with Betsy and Micah as well. We had ice cream and hung out with Micah and his wife Karma afterwards. (Thanks for taking the awesome picture, Karma!)

On Saturday, we spent most of the day at the Columbia Illinois library for the a Local Author's Fair, which is the real reason why I came to town. Susannah and mom were so supportive and invited pretty much everyone they knew. It always makes me a little nervous to market myself in the form of my book and having them by my side makes me feel much more brave. =)

Several of my good friends from high school came too. It was so nice to catch up with Sara, Hilary, and Jamie.

I got to talk with the other authors. Some people I went to high school with (even my own high-school principal) had written books as well. I saw some teachers of mine I hadn't seen in years. I did a couple book swaps with other authors. The cute old guy at the table next to me took a little nap in the middle of the author's fair. Fair enough, I'm pretty sure he's in his eighties.

So I may have given away more books than I actually sold. Like I said, I'm no good at marketing my book. I'd rather have people reading it than not. =)

After the author's fair, mom had a gathering at her house. We had Imo's pizza and Aunt Sally made her famous chocolate pie. Then after we were all full to bursting, we walked to the cemetery to visit Dad.

We hung out, talked, and ate the night away.

It was a short weekend. The next morning, we were up at 4:30 am to head back to the airport. This weekend really was a gift. A little piece of heaven I'll not forget.

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Susannah Harper said...

Thanks for talking me into going. It was a wonderful week-end and a much needed break.