Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012

This is the first holiday since my kids were born that I didn't put up decorations. When your house is on the market, you have to keep clutter down to a minimum. The Easter decorations stayed in their box. In fact, that makes it easier to transport it over to the new house. Thank goodness these plastic Easter baskets were still in the pantry or I don't even think we would have had Easter baskets to hold the goodies on Easter morning.

Since we'd pretty much been on a complete spending halt for the last several months and the fact that we're having to pay mortgages on two houses, I'm glad I had the foresight last May when we were in England to pick up these matching dresses for the girls. They turned out perfect for Easter.

Portia looking particularly impish
Bianca added her own touch (the scarf) so as to not be too matchy
This spring has been wonderfully spring-ish so the Easter egg hunting was just as it should be for Easter (which I can honestly say that it usually isn't).

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Susannah Harper said...

Yay for Easter egg hunts! Love the dresses and those beautiful girls!