Thursday, August 2, 2012

Projects, projects, and more projects...

Yeah, so, this is the summer of projects. We're doing it all before we move in completely so the dust can be swept out after the summer ends and it finally settles. I don't know how I could have done all this work in the house without pinterest. Seriously, I've gotten so many ideas there. My latest idea was inspired by these two pins:

So I told Eric what I wanted (a nice big magnetic board) and where I wanted it (in that hallway behind my kitchen where there's this huge blank wall) and he got to work. He used some of the excess woodwork we have lying around the house. For him, it was an excuse to buy a mitre saw and a nail gun. Oh well, I guess this means he can do even more projects around the house! He finished up the job tonight and I am so impressed with how awesome it looks! Yay for me for marrying a handy guy! Here it is:

We put magnets on these wooden letters and wooden creatures for the girls. The paint color looks not quite right here but it's a brick red that I just love. (I think the color is called Bold Brick.) I think this will be a great use of this hallway with the bench.

While I'm away (and it's coming up on a month now), Eric and I skype so he can show me what's getting done in the house. What a useful too, this skying! Bianca's also been skyping viola lessons with her instructor and I was able to skype in on my book club last month. Ah, the conveniences of modern technology!

On another note, the tile was done in Bianca's bathroom today (not by my husband). Here it is before the tub goes in. I think I love it.

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