Monday, December 10, 2012

I just can't stop...

I blame pinterest. Too many ideas. I just can't leave my Christmas tree alone. I've been consumed by it. I keep adding something here or there. First it was the little brown owls and pinecones I already had leftover from my Thanksgiving decorations. Then the big snowy maribou owls I found at Taipan Trading. 

Then I went to IKEA and got some lanterns so I can replicate the big fabulous already-decorated tree I love at Taipan. Then I got these awesome little crystal chandelier ornaments there too. And I hung a chandelier over the bird's nest in the lantern. I LOVE this!

And oh my gosh, I love these birdhouse lights from Target. It fit with my bird and owl theme perfectly.

And I just can't stop. I cannot walk into Taipan again (UNTIL after Christmas for the after-Christmas sales, of course.)

But I LOVE my tree, even if it is a little overdone.

I realized as I was getting my girls ready for church yesterday that their dresses matched my tree's blue and red color scheme. See, I'm obsessed with my Christmas tree! (I can't believe this is Portia's Christmas dress from two years ago and it seems to still fit her just fine.) 

I'm pretty sure I just need to leave the poor Christmas tree alone. Maybe if I sit far enough away from it, I will stop tweaking and re-adjusting the ornaments as well. 


Amber Gardiner said...

And now your blog matches your tree...perfect!

Jeana said...

See, Amber. I'm obsessed!

Stephanie Broschinsky said...

I love your tree and your girls look super cute!!

thefirewoman said...

I LOVE your tree!!!!

thefirewoman said...

I LOVE your tree!!!!