Thursday, December 6, 2012

St. Nicholas Day

Dec. 6 is St. Nicholas Day. I guess not many people celebrate St. Nicholas Day, but we always did when we were kids. Maybe it's from my mom's German heritage, as it is still celebrated in Europe. It's based on the Saint Nicholas who is the model for our modern day Santa Claus. This was a real saint who had a reputation as a "bringer of gifts." Before you go to bed, you're supposed to leave out shoes by the chimney or by your door and they're supposed to be filled with sweet treats when you awaken.

This is a tradition that I've tried to continue with my family. I know Christmas is already a lot of work, but I like this little mini celebration to get things started. This morning, Bianca and Portia awoke to a new pair of slippers with some of their favorite candy.

It wasn't much, but I love the little squeal of excitement and the happy footsteps thunking around the house after they find their treats. And I like to hold on to the traditions that were special to me, in hopes that my children will continue to pass it along.

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

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Erin said...

I love family traditions and family traditions that involve gift giving are good ones to pass along as well. :)