Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To the mountains we go...

I made it a goal to go skiing & snowboarding once a month during the winter month's this year. I figure if we're going to be living in Utah (and it looks like this is my fate), we might as well be able to enjoy the perks of living here. So during Christmas break, Eric took a day off work (this is a rare occasion) and we headed up to Solitude. We were late getting there so Portia couldn't get into the ski school for the morning bit, so we put her in the "play" area, which is pretty much like a nursery with crafts and Play-Doh. After lunch, she started at the ski school. This is her third season skiing so Portia's quite the little pro.

Bianca snowboarded with me in the morning and then she got in on the afternoon class as well.

It was sunny but really cold. On our drive home, Portia informed me that she preferred the "nursery" over the skiing. The more you do it, the more you like something, right?

I've already signed the girls up for January. We're going to The Canyons, which used to be called Wolf Mountain and is where I worked all through college as a lift operator and in the kitchen. I hear it's much changed. The girls are going to do the Utah Learn-to-Ski program and I'm going to mix things up a little--Portia's going to snowboard and Bianca's going to try out skiing. I don't think Bianca will like it, but I'd like her to make an informed decision, nevertheless.


rachel said...

You're girls are pros!! Did you know I've never skied? Why do I even live in Utah? HAHA

Erin said...

Very nice! We have gone cross country skiing this winter, but not down hill yet.