Monday, January 14, 2013

Vintage Tiles

One of my very favorite things about my house is the antique fireplace mantle with vintage tiles in the master bedroom. In fact, we chose wall colors to coordinate with these tiles. I loved them from the first time I walked into this house. A couple weeks ago, I was watching an episode of HGTV's House Hunters International because I've been feeling the itch to roam the world again. I love England so I was watching a couple who was looking for a home in a village in England. I was shocked (and super excited) when I saw MY vintage tiles in a cottage the couple was looking at in Hertfordshire, England. Here they are:

And here's my bedroom mantle with the same tiles:

On this wall, we pulled off the closet doors and made it into a niche. And I added this antique desk I found on ksl and this chair I bought at an antique store in Alton, Illinois this summer. I love antiques!

And of course there's Eric's grandpa's chair that is the most comfortable chair in the entire world. Eric doesn't like the old-timey velveteen fabric, but I happen to like the pheasants on it and think the colors sort of go with our color scheme. (Although I have to mention that last year, when we put our house in Herriman on the market to sell, the realtor took one look at grandpa's chair and said, "You'll need to put that in storage." That's okay. She didn't understand its merits. She never sat on it.)

And lastly, we found a comforter set at Pottery Barn that pulled in the orange and blue of the vintage tiles, but also added several more colors into the mix as well. Eric and I have never had a king-size bed before. I read recently about some study done that showed more people with king-sized beds divorce than couples with queens. It's been an adjustment and I do find it a little too big at times, but I guess it's nice to have a little extra room on Saturday mornings when Portia and Bianca try to pile in the "family bed."


Anonymous said...
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Erin said...

Speaking from the standpoint of a 6 foot woman married to a 6'2" man, King size is the only way to go. We just don't fit on anything else. So, enjoy the King size. We do! Oh, I love the tiles in your home. Actually, I love your home. I can totally understand why you moved. I would move too if that home awaited me.

Stephanie Broschinsky said...

We love our King sz bed, we are in the same boat as Erin, supper tall. But I like to have a ton of room too and if one of the kids are scared we have room :) I love love live your home, I want u to help me redue my house 1 room at a time, it may take 20 yrs hahaha :)