Monday, April 15, 2013

California Trip

We went to California to visit my sister over spring break. She was in the middle of trying to close on a new house so I thought we might be there to help get her moved in, but nothing was going as planned and we spent our week with her at their old house. It was a pretty low-key week, but the cousins LOVED playing together. And we went to the beach pretty much every day while we were there.

I'm not so much into "manufactured fun" so Portia and I stayed back with Susannah while Eric and Bianca went to Universal Studios.

The trip turned out to be really nice, except for the speeding ticket Eric got on the way home. Why is it one stupid ticket ruins the taste of the entire trip?

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Susannah Harper said...

We are so happy you came. That was super fun!! We are excited to spend more time together this summer.