Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter 2013

Mom came to visit this Easter. It's always fun to have her here and my kids are thrilled when she comes. When we were at Jason and Wendy's on Easter morning for brunch, Joanie took this picture of my mom and me. I never thought we looked much alike but I can see the resemblance here. Bianca and Portia ran around with their cousins and played the morning away. I'm so grateful we have cousins nearby for our kids. And so grateful for Joanie about always being so vigilant in taking the pictures--What would I do without her? I definitely wouldn't have pictures to show for most holidays!

Mom helped us hard-boil the eggs and dye them on Saturday night, then the Easter Bunny hid them for us while we were at church. In our new yard, there is a lot of places for the Easter Bunny to hide eggs--good thing he stuck to just the back yard.  Here are a couple more photos from Easter. Can you tell my kids are obsessed with cats?

We did some fun stuff that week--we went up American Fork Canyon for a short hike and a picnic lunch with the girls. We went to Temple Square and went to see the Utah Symphony. Mom even volunteered in Portia's classroom with me (I was dying to know what she thought of how the class was run with 32 kids in the class). Thankfully, mom said the teacher is very well organized and I should just stop my worrying. One thing is always true--Mom will not be shy with her opinion. =) 

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