Sunday, April 6, 2014

Science Fair 2014

I've not been shy about explaining over the years how I feel about Science Fair: I've never liked it. This year is the first time since Bianca started doing Science Fair back in first grade that she actually made it on to the next level. Which I find ironic considering now Bianca's in seventh grade, which has so many more kids in her class. She partnered up with her friend Jessica and they did their project on chocolate and which type (percentage of cocoa) melted fastest.

They didn't move past district, which is fine by me. I'm just thankful Portia (who is in first grade this year) didn't have to do it.


Erin said...

Science fairs do not sound like fun. But, I'm curious. What kind of chocolate melts the fastest?

Anonymous said...

We did this for our science fair too, we got Milk Chocolate every time we tested it