Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year, I had several occasions to wear costumes. I thought it was funny that for Bruce and Joanie's Halloween party, we were all matching in black. Bianca dressed like Audrey Hepburn this year, Portia's a black cat and I was a boring ol' witch.

Two nights before Halloween, we had Collin stay with us before we took him to the Provo MTC. He's serving a mission in Mexico. Here's a pic of Collin and Eric swinging by the ward Halloween carnival.

Bianca was there too. Here she is with her friends Maddi and Jordan. They had a rubber ducky booth at the carnival. 

For work, I dressed up like a crazy cat lady, which was fun because I didn't have to fix my hair for work or actually get dressed. We did a trick-or-treat for the kids again this year.

In the evening, I went out trick-or-treating with Portia, her friend Ashley and Ashley's mom, Michelle. We walked a ton, but it was a beautiful autumn night and it was fun to get some exercise.

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