Friday, April 24, 2015

Portia's Baptism Pics

Portia's turning 8 and that means it's time to get baptized. I already had her baptism dress, waiting in a closet for her. We did two sessions of photos of her in her baptism dress (a white embroidered Jottum Rembrandt). Here are pics from the first day when there were still a lot of blossoms on the trees. We visited the Mt. Timpanogos temple during this photo shoot. Eric's good friend Tim Miller took these pictures:

The second shoot was a couple weeks later. The creek was dry and most of the cherry and plum blossoms had turned to leaves, but the sun was gorgous. Bianca even curled Portia's hair. They stuck around the house (and we also had some sister pictures and instrument pictures taken I'll share on another post). These were taken by my friend at work's wife, Tonya Roxy.

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