Sunday, March 15, 2009


I always thought that my daughter would be a gymnast. It's what I wanted to do when I was a little girl so much that I thought I would die if I couldn't do it. And I didn't get to do it. So, when I found out my first baby was a girl, I just knew that she would be a gymnast. I just knew it.

However, when I put her in gymnastics when she was three, she didn't really show much interest. I thought I'd wait and try it again when she was five. I tried. She didn't like it. So I pulled her out again. Finally, at seven, she started doing handstands around the house. I thought this is it! So I enrolled her again and we've been doing it for several months and I'm watching and she's just not showing any natural ability.

It's taken a lot of money and a lot of rollercoater emotions to figure this out: Bianca's not a gymnast.

However, there are some things that she does and does well--play the piano and write. She's being creative and writing songs (something I never realized I could do with my ability to play when I was younger).

A couple months ago, Bianca woke up on a rainy morning and sat up in bed. She was listening to the rain and this poem/melody came to her mind. At eight o'clock (when she's allowed to wake me up each morning), she came storming in to my room to tell me about her poem. That entire morning, Bianca sat at the piano bench and came up with the notes on the piano. She took her regular notebook and drew her staffs and wrote the notes. It was amazing to see her creativity flowing like the rain water through the streets.

I've finally accepted that she's not a gymnast as I'd hoped, but she's something much more. She's her own beautiful, creative self and I couldn't be more proud.


Crystal said...

Jeana, that's amazing! She is so creative. I'm impressed (with the piano playing and also that she stays in her room quietly till 8 o'clock without waking Look out world!

Anonymous said...

Ethan plays "Patter, Patter, Splash, Splash" every morning, and he is so excited to surprise Bianca by playing it. I can't wait to show him this video tonight when he gets home from school. Great job, Bianca!

rachel said...

Hey I found a froggie background when you are all birdied out...

Duston said...

What an amazing moment in time you have shared. It is true for many of us; we try live our dreams through our kids. When in reality, they have their own strengths, abilities and desires that are waiting to break free! You are a wonderful mother with amazing children! BTW - Thanks for your kind comments on my blog!