Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Faith of a child

The first time Bianca tried to fast on a fast Sunday, she ended up throwing up after she ate dinner. She's eight. I didn't expect her to do it. Heaven knows I still have a hard time fasting (and frankly don't love doing it). But she wanted to try. This past Sunday, since Eric and I were fasting for a special reason, Bianca said she wanted to try again. And while we were fasting for a quick sale of our current house, Bianca said she was fasting to make sure moving was the right thing. She did it and she didn't even throw up this time.

Yesterday, however, we found out we may not be moving after all. A couple weeks ago, the realtors said everything was going to happen, said it was a "done deal" in the other realtor's own words. So we moved forward, put our house on the market, prayed for a quick sale. Everything seemed to be falling into place and it felt right. And now it might not happen. The owners signed, but the bank hadn't and some higher offers came through. I felt a little heartbroken. And then I thought about Bianca and her fasting and her faith. And I wondered if maybe it wasn't the right thing, but we thought it was and until then, we hadn't been asking Heavenly Father the right questions or praying for the right thing.

So now, it's in the Lord's hands. I will accept whatever the outcome is. I'm going to try to have the faith of a child and accept that if the bank gives the house to someone else, it was the Lord's answer to Bianca's prayer, to the question I should have been asking all along.


Crystal said...

Wow, Jeana. That is so sweet of her and wonderful. It's also a very powerful lesson and reminder to me personally. Thank you for sharing. I hope that whatever is best for your family works out.

Cami said...

This is what happens when we listen to our children.
Their experiences can often bring more peace than we could find on our own.

Christie Gardiner said...

Sweet Bianca. And sweet you. Don't forget your own faith. It's apparent to me.

rachel said...

Wow. Beautiful. I am so glad you shared this.