Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bianca's new room

So, it's not actually a new room, but with her new wall color, it seems like a whole new room. I'd bought the new bedding that wasn't babyish (that I hope will last her ten years) about six months ago. Then I told Bianca what she needed to do to get her "new" room, which was keep it picked up and make her bed in the morning. It was great for a while, then she forgot, then I reminded her, she didn't care, then she started to care again, then she finally started making her bed again and keeping her room tidy. Just in time, because I love doing projects in January so that I don't get depressed with all the gray muck in the sky and the cold days. We chose a nice blue color, called "Surfer" at the paint store, that went along with the color scheme. We spent Saturday painting, then we reorganized and alphabetized all Bianca's books and pulled out the new bedding. I think the room seems brand new.

Eventually, I'm going to get Bianca a chair for this little reading nook we made, with a chandelier and beanbag chair. But for now, this works great. Bianca loves it. She better. I'm really not good at painting and don't want to do this again. This should work until Bianca moves out for college.


Erin said...

How cute. love the color

rachel said...

That looks great!! I really like that color. Surfer, love that. Can't wait to see the chandelier.

Crystal said...

It looks beautiful, Jeana!

Cami said...

Wow! This is beautiful!
An awesome color. I love that beautiful window area.