Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cardinals Win!

My huband Eric and I have had a friendly little bout of trash talk in our house the last week or so. The baseball World Series put Eric's Texas Rangers up against my St. Louis Cardinals. It was all in fun. In fact, I didn't even sit down to watch any of the games up until game seven last night when Cardinals cinched it. Their win reminded me of my favorite Cardinals memory so I thought I'd share in light of the Cardinals world title:

When I was in high school, straight A students got free Cardinals tickets. I was a pretty good student and thus got quite a few opportunities to watch the Cardinals play in Busch Stadium. But it was funny, every time I would go to the game, I would hear someone yelling out my name: "Jeana!" "Jeana!" I was always looking around. After a game or two, I realized it was the man selling peanuts, yelling out, "Peanuts!" "Peanuts!"

I was telling this to my sister Betsy years later when we were adults and she said the same thing happened to her. She'd be searching the stands for whoever it was yelling, "Betsy!" "Betsy!" It was the Pepsi man, yelling out, "Pepsi!" Pepsi!"

Congratulations, Cardinals!


Karma said...

Haha. That's pretty funny.

Too bad you didn't watch game 6...the most fun I've ever had watching baseball. Did you catch the highlights of it at least?

Jeana said...

Eric kept coming in while I was trying to sleep and giving me the updated score. I didn't think the Cardinals could do it and it makes me too nervous to watch the game.

Susannah Harper said...

Yay, Cards! How fun was that! That's funny that you and Betsy had similar experiences. I guess Susannah is too many syllables for this to happen to me too. Ha ha!

Jeana said...

Maybe if they were more health conscience, they'd be selling, Bananas! Susannah!