Monday, October 24, 2011


A year or two ago, Bianca informed me that a bunch of her friends call her "Sparkly" because she wears a lot of sparkly things--clothes with rhinestones and sequins. I'm not sure if they still call her that. From what I understand, some of the kids call her BBQ (her initials are BQ) so I guess that makes sense too. I think she has more reason now than ever, though, to be called Sparkly.

Although this isn't late-breaking news, Bianca's teeth sparkle. She's had braces now for about a year. Her mouth was quite a mess when the orthodontist started--underbite, crossbite, she still had all her baby teeth on top. But now she's got her braces and with encouragement from me for extra brushing, she's keeping them pretty sparkly.

On Saturday, Bianca added a little more sparkle. She sat in the chair at Claire's, tried to look as brave as she possibly could while two women punched holes into her ears and left sparkly rhinestone earrings. Since she was 10 ("two holes for two digits"), I'd said she could have her ears pierced. She wasn't sure at first that she wanted to do it, but finally decided yes, she did. She chose rhinestone daisies, which will go with everything since she has to wear these earrings for 6 weeks. She is very excited. There's even some sparkle in her eyes as she keeps saying, "I can't believe I did it."


cosmos cami said...

Fun post. :)

Karma said...

Aww. How did she get so big?!