Monday, October 24, 2011

How does one choose?

I have a friend who graciously left her four children and went to take photos of my child.

On Friday, I gave Portia a bath and put her in a fancy dress (a Jottum Rembrandt dress called Skutsje I'd been eyeing for years and never thought I'd have because even secondhand, it's ridiculously priced). It wasn't until I found an ebay-like web site all in Dutch where I can get stuff a bit cheaper. I have to use google translate to read the fine print and then use google translate to write to them in Dutch and ask whether they'll send to the US. Sometimes they will; sometimes they won't. I've even learned some new words along the way, like "jurk" and "jas" and "rok."

My photographer friend Crystal took me to old Lehi where there's a little alcove behind some businesses with random stuff scattered around. She particularly liked this door, which is now a little boarded over.

There are so many good photos I don't even know where to begin. There are pictures of Portia sitting on this chair:

Then there are some on the picnic table:

I'd like to print out some bigger ones but how do I even choose? I mean, seriously, I made a folder to keep my favorites separated and over half the pictures (somewhere around 30) were in it.

I hadn't done professional photographs of Portia since she was an infant and then it was only once. When we were at Sear's (yes, Sear's), they made these black and white photos and put color in the eyes. Only problem was, they put the wrong color on the eyes, which meant it wasn't really my children's eye color. So Crystal did it the right way, using Portia's real blue:

Then there's always the one with the barrel, which just may be my very favorite:

On our way back, we went past this abandoned building where we had to hoist Portia up into a green window with the cool brown shutters. Another one of my very favorites.

I'm lucky: My dilemma is too many good pictures. I'll definitely take this problem over the alternative.


Hilary said...

I LOVE the one of her laughing while sitting at the picnic bench . . . so cute! But I don't know if that's the one I'd go with for up on a wall or something . . . for that I think I love either the one above or two below the black & white with blue eyes picture . . . or even the one with blue eyes, since I love that it's cropped in closer, but in full color . . .
So many great options!

Karma said...

Last one, hands down! Adorable!

rachel said...

Holy cow! I think Portia has become a supermodel. I love the first one of her sitting in the chair and the last two the very best. Dang, that dress.

Jenny G said...

That dress is so cute, especially in the setting! Good luck choosing. I think my favorite is the one that's your the barrel.

Crystal said...

I think my favorites are mainly the ones that are your favorites. I especially like the one by the barrel and the b&w on the picnic table and the one in the doorway with her arms outstretched. Looking at some of them in this post, the full color by the brick...they actually look a tad bit overblown to me. They didn't look that way on Tim's mac in my lightroom. So, I don't know if they look that way to you as well, or if it's just the monitor on this old eMac I'm on right now. Anyhow, I'm sorry if they are overexposed.

Jeana said...

The one that surprised me the most (that I love) is the first one of Portia sitting on the chair. I was able to blow the barrel picture up into a 11 by 14 in b&w and it turned out great.

When you say overexposed, what exactly does that mean?

Susannah Harper said...

All the photos are fantastic! I see what you mean about having a difficult time deciding on your favorite. I do love the one in the doorway with arms outstretched. She is absolutely adorable!

Rhonda said...

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