Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cabo San Lucas

On Tuesday morning, we were in port at Cabo San Lucas. It really is quite stunning from the boat. I mean, really, look at this magnificent place. And the weather was gorgeous. I hadn't packed enough "summer" clothes. I guess I didn't actually think it could be in the eighties.

We had to take a short boat ride off the ship. We were bombarded with people offering to take us where we wanted to go. But they would say $20 and then say, no, they could not take us to the beach we actually wanted to go to. It really was quite frustrating. While we were sorting things out, we noticed they had a booth where you could have your picture taken with real lion cubs. Portia, my Lion King lover, really wanted to pet the lion cub. It was really cute. But we paid more than Eric wanted, but Eric loves to "negotiate".  Me, not so much.

Finally, we found someone to take us to the beach. We rode on the Manuelita over to the beach where we laid out in the sun and let the kids swim in the waves. The rocks are quite stunning and I took the opportunity while they were trying to sun-dry their swimsuits to take some pictures of my girls by the rocks. Bianca ended up losing one of her earrings in the ocean and Eric stayed back with her to find a new pair, some "tortugas" earrings.

Our boat driver then took us over to the rocks to see where the sea lions were sleeping in the sun and then around the rocks.

We had two days in Cabo San Lucas. I opted to stay on the boat with Portia on the second day, while everyone else went back into town. They ate tacos at Cabo Wabo.  Here are Bianca, Ethan, and Aidan.

I just read some more and rested. Portia and I had a really fun mommy-daughter lunch together. I can't end another day on the ship without showing you another awesome towel creation. This time an elephant.

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Crystal said...

This looks like so much fun. Part of me would love to go on a cruise with my family, and part of me is terrified of everything involving the ocean. I have way too many nightmares involving sinking ships fairly regularly.
Cabo San Lucas was Tim's mission. I love the pic from the post above with Bianca walking on the beach. It's so pretty.