Monday, December 12, 2011


We walked on board the Splendor on Sunday afternoon after standing in a much-too-long line. As soon as we made our way to our cabin, I unpacked. With four people staying in a room the size of one bedroom for a week, you've got to be organized. I put everything away in its place. There were bunk beds for the girls and a king for Eric and me. We got a balcony room so at least there was somewhere to go in case you just needed to get out. Here's our balcony.

Then we explored. Susannah and her family were staying on a different level of the ship with Mom so we found their rooms. But mostly we explored the lido deck with its endless supply of ice cream and pizza and lemonade. Then we located all the swimming pools and the miniature golf course and other things that would be of interest. We had dinner in the dining room that evening and met our server Alexander who would have his work cut out for him, poor guy. There were a lot of kids at our table.

I was happy nobody got sick after the ship started moving. I actually kind of like the feeling of movement under my feet and especially the feeling of being rocked to sleep in my bed at night.

On Monday, the girls went to Camp Carnival and they both loved it right away. Portia was excited that her "cruise preschool" would have no worksheets. They did all sorts of fun stuff like sing songs and make crafts and there was a lot, a lot of face painting, which Portia loved.

Bianca made lots of friends right away and loved all the scavenger hunts and games she played with the other kids. She met a girl from Layton and hung out with her a lot. She kept wanting to go back to Camp Carnival and since she could sign herself in and out as she pleased, she felt very independent.

The kids went swimming in the afternoon--Bianca down the water slide over and over; Portia stuck to the "hot pool."

For my part, I mainly laid around on the deck with a book and took intermittent naps when I felt like it. There's nothing like a nap between chapters with the sun warming my face and toes.

Monday night was the first "Elegant" night. We dressed up and had lobster. The pumpkin spice soup was amazing! Bianca took to ordering adult meals and really liked trying new things. Portia stuck to the chicken tenders and the fruit cup. The chocolate melting cake is something I looked forward to every night at dinner.

The kids loved sitting by their cousins at the table. Bianca usually sat between Ethan (10) and Aidan (8), while Portia had to sit by Anna (5). They don't get to see their cousins very often so it was a real treat for them to spend this entire week with them.

In the evening, the kids went to Camp Carnival, and the adults went to a comedy show. It was funny, and it was nice to have everything be so easy.

One of my favorite things was the housekeeping visits twice a day. Our housekeeper Lydia seemed to be always there and taking care of us. I wish I could take her home with me. Seriously. I'm considering doing the make the bed in the morning/put the bed down at night visits at home.

The girls LOVED the towel creations she left on the bed each night. On Monday night, we got a puppy. Well, the girls think. I'm still not sure it wasn't a pig.

Off to bed for another night of the water rocking me to sleep.


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I'm so excited to read about your trip! Your girls are so cute (and so old!) I can't wait to read more...