Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Doorways of Puerto Vallarta

I thought it'd be a fun project to take pictures of doorways and doors in Puerto Vallarta to make my experience (and photos) a little more unique. Both girls were on board at the beginning.

Here are some doors at the cathedral. First, the tiniest door (I'm pretty sure this is a tithing or donation compartment):

Next, is another small door, although a little larger than the first. It didn't actually open.

This next doorway looks right into the cathedral where people are sitting and worshipping. Wow, it's beautiful!

After we left the cathedral, we just stopped in front of random buildings and houses.

Halfway through my doorway project, when Bianca's smiles started turning into sneers from too much picture taking, I decided to carry on with Portia only.  At four, there's much less attitude.

This one is probably my favorite door of the day. I love the wooden door behind the wrought iron gate with carved fish in it.

These next two look very similar, but they're not the same.

I love this little heart door with the red-and-white surround. It would make a nice Valentine's Day card.

This one might be my very favorite. Inside the wrought iron was an abandoned shop:

The most decrepit door of the day. It was boarded over with corrugated tin. This one was in the jungle.

I love this one of Bianca because it was the doors to a girl's school and we even captured a cute Mexican schoolgirl waiting on the steps. Bianca's only a little surly in this photo.

This door was huge. Another of my favorites.

I'm going to include one last door. It's one you've seen already, but I love this picture because it actually captures my 10-year-old Bianca who sometimes seems like she doesn't need me anymore loving me up.  I'll take what I can get.


Crystal said...

That's a fun idea! Great pictures. Love the little doors.

rachel said...

I have loved reading all about your awesome trip! I love Portia in front of the really old boarded up door. :)

ern said...

love, love, love these! so much fun to read about your trip and it pacifies me a little about not taking any of my own. :)