Thursday, September 20, 2012

Master Bath Reno

So, it's not finished completely, but it's close. I've always wanted to do a before and after blog. So here are some before pictures of our bathroom and the strange long, narrow room that ran alongside it:

So we knocked out the wall, opened everything up, and got to work. We're still waiting on the wood paneling on the angles (they stained it the wrong color) and a little electrical hiccup (a wire was cut) and a little touch-up paint, but I'm really starting to get anxious to use the new master bathroom. I'm dreaming of bathing in the copper tub. I've heard the copper keeps water warmer longer. 

This is my side of the bathroom, with a little vanity table. I love this old Victorian shaving mirror that I found on ksl. I think it fits the space perfectly. Now I need to find a chair to go here.

This is Eric's space. I tried to make his sconces and vanity a little more masculine, that way he would allow my crystal chandelier.

I call this Eric's car-wash shower. I can't imagine needing all these faucets, but this is what Eric wanted. I got my copper tub; he got all this water spraying.

This is the entrance to the bathroom. I'm in love with the beams and the crown molding. On the right is Eric's walk-in closet; the left is mine. The closets are left open, so I guess that means we'll both have to be a bit more vigilant keeping our closets organized.

This is my closet. I get the window and a little more space. 

Eric got more hanging space though.

I've started bringing up some of our clothes from the basement where we've been crammed in for the last several months. I simply cannot wait to move up!


Joe and Marci said...

Wow, it looks beautiful! Well done :)

Erin said...

Wow. That looks so beautiful.

thefirewoman said...

Love that copper tub. I can't believe how amazing everything is turning out...wait, yes I can. I could envision it even in it's before space, just not this lovely. And your new family pics-WOW

Stephanie said...

I love that bathroom, it is Amazing!!!!