Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall (or late summer, actually) Pictures

I realized that since I've been married, I've never included a picture of me in the Christmas photo card I send out to friends and family. So this year, I planned ahead and since a friend of mine, Jenny Gildea ( who's a professional photographer was coming into town, I set up to have a shoot done with my family. I thought it might be fun to have the photos taken in our new yard (since that seems to be one of the only things about our new house that is "ready"). I'm not sure which photo I'll use in the card, but here are a couple I really liked:

I LOVE Bianca's green eyes in this photo. We took these in the front entrance since it began raining just as it was Bianca's turn to have pictures by herself. She also did some with her viola.

Portia wanted to run out into the rain for her photo shoot. And of course little sisters always want to be like their big sisters: she wanted to do some cello shots since Bianca did some with her viola.

I had some pictures of Bianca and Portia taken together as well, since I had some matching outfits for them. They're from that same Jottum Rembrandt collection that I'm so in love with. The clothes actually incorporate Rembrandt paintings in them. And don't get me started on the colors. Portia wore the Bellini coat and Bianca was wearing a matching Saskia dress.

But probably my favorite of the bunch is this picture where both my girls are showing off their "Watters" tongues. We've always been very proud that we can touch our tongues to our noses!


Cami said...

So lovely!
You're gorgeous, Jeana!

Jenny G said...

So glad we got to do this! Curse the rain:)

Susannah Harper said...

How fun! Love the photos!

Stephanie said...

Your pictures turned out Amazing! I love everyones outfits!

Alpha Centauri said...

bianca is absolutely stunning in the second picture.

Shelia Bolwahnn said...

Your pictures are stunning. If you still have the Jottum pieces and are interested in selling piece contact me at I have been searching for some pieces to have a portrait taken of my daughter.