Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cannes, day one

Eric at Marche Forville market
Before I woke up on our first morning in Cannes, Eric returned home from the farmer's market with fresh fruit (blueberries the size of golf balls) and chocolate croissants. This became a morning ritual for Eric while we were in France. I think he liked going to the market early on his own and bringing back treats. And we all liked eating said treats.

We didn't have a plan for our time spent here. We knew we could see the water from our window and that we could walk to it. So our one goal for the day was the beach. We had warned the kids beforehand that they would most likely see some women not wearing tops at the beach (which they did) and just to pretend like they didn't see it. We Americans sure look at nudity in a much different light than our European counterparts. Still, a beach is a beach and that means water and that meant our kids had a morning filled with splashing in the beautiful Mediterranean.

Ah, the sheer joy of running to the water for the first time

I love how blue the Mediterranean is

Bianca giving Portia a mermaid's tail in sand

It became sort of a mini tradition of sorts to have some gelato every day. After all, we always just stumbled upon lunch (and were trying to have our big meal in the middle of the day, which sometimes meant we didn't eat until well into the afternoon).

Portia and Bianca having our daily gelato on La Croisette promenade along the beach
We walked around Cannes a little bit and did a little bit of shopping (this was the best shopping we did the whole time we were in Europe). I got a really cute dress here at the Desigual shop, and it was funny because they just kept throwing free stuff into my bag. Oh, and they gave the kids these balloons which pretty much kept Portia occupied during our three-hour lunch.

We sat out on the street and had our lunch. I had a filo-wrapped salmon that I can still remember as one of my favorites things I ate on the trip. A nice English couple sitting next to us helped us a little with the menu. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering through the streets of Cannes, shopping a little.

Bianca and Portia in Cannes

Looking for the toilette led us through some pretty interesting streets
We made it back to our French house, where Portia chased kitties and played with her French friends for the rest of the evening.


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