Monday, June 24, 2013

Cannes, day two

Our second day in Cannes started out like the first, with fresh farmer's market fruit, more French pastries, and leftover Swiss hot chocolate. Oh, how I loved my breakfasts here!  From our view of Cannes, I could see a banner for the Musee (museum) de la Castre (castle). We decided to check things out there. I kind of loved just exploring the streets as we tried to find places. Eric liked to stop at restaurants along the streets and see their menus, as we were planning a nice dinner that nice for just the two of us. Mom graciously volunteered to stay home with the kids and get them to bed.

One of the flower displays
There must have been some sort of flower festival that weekend because fresh flower displays were already going up, on all the windy side streets we took to get up there. We got to watch people designer their spaces as we climbed up to the castle museum.

The museum had ancient artifacts from all around the world. I particularly liked that it was located inside a castle. They had a really awesome collection of ancient musical instruments and a couple forefathers to the violin and viola, as well as mummies, heiroglyphics, and lots and lots of other stuff.

We were able to climb the tower to get an awesome view of the city and the harbor. This awesome view just reminded Portia that she hadn't been swimming yet and wasn't that what we were supposed to do while we were in Cannes?

The harbor from the view of the Musee de la Castre tower
So, we made our way back down to the beach for a hour swimming. While at the beach, a friendly man wearing a stack of about 20 hats came by trying to sell his wares. Eric picked up this fedora that I still have mixed thoughts on. Don't worry, I was able to get him back for this by the end of the trip (See last day of Italy blog.)

We were searching for a place where we could all have crepes for lunch since this was our last day in Cannes (that went fast!). We found a little place finally that was pretty decent. I had an artichoke chicken crepe that was okay. I wished I had ordered the crepe mom got that had a cream sauce on it. We had a chocolate crepe for dessert though.

Having crepes for lunch

We spent the rest of the afternoon going in and out of little shops. We bought some macaroons and isn't this little shop just lovely with all its beautiful colors of macaroons? I picked a green mojito macaroon. Mmmm. So good.

The Cannes Film Festival had been only a couple of weeks before, so a lot of the posters were still hanging up all over the city. Bianca got in the spirit of Cannes.

Eric and I then went on our much-anticipated date. Eric ordered the seven-course meal, while mine was only three courses. Still, once you sit down at a table, you're there for the night. Our meal took well over four hours. My back even started hurting near the end. Still, it was a nice night of food and it's a good thing we had enough to talk about over such a long dinner!


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