Friday, June 21, 2013

Small villages

I love the colors
So, we started our last day in Switzerland driving around, looking for a super old monastery. We ended up not taking a right turn and then into another little village where we found this lovely little post office (aren't the colors great?) and I had to jump out of my car to get a picture in front of it. I don't even remember the name of the village, but it was near Tiefencastel.

We finally did make the correct turn and then had to hike a while to make it this old monastery in Mistail. It is one of the oldest churches in Switzerland. The wildflowers and the trees and the scenery were gorgeous--like straight out of Heidi--so the hike was part of the fun.

The hike

Well, we are on our way to a monastery so this isn't a surprise

Isn't this wildflower field absolutely lovely?

Bianca reading, as per usual

Church of St. Peter, belonged to a monastery built in 800s

A gaggle of geese protecting the monastery

My little Heidi of the Hills

The building was super old--built around the year 800--and still had old paintings on the walls. It is now an operating church, we think, called St. Peter.

We wanted to have fondue before we left Switzerland, so we had been told the previous night at the restaurant this particular restaurant in a small village called Parsonz (but the restaurant is also named Bellavista ironically) would make us fondue. This little restaurant was really just so cute.

Eating the fondue at Bellavista

I swear, everywhere in Switzerland has a "bella vista"!

Mom really loved this sweet little restaurant in Parsonz

After lunch, we came across this old tower and just had to get out and explore. 

They still use the swiss franc in Switzerland, so money seemed to be a perpetual problem for the first half of our trip. I had arranged to pay in cash for all the places we stayed to save on wiring and paypal fees, but our ATM would only let us take out 400 francs/euros a day. We were always on a quest for ATM machines. This brought us back to Chur, which was the biggest city around. At least shops were open, and we were able to do a little shopping. We came across this sign that we thought was odd, especially considering it was in English (so few things were) and what exactly does this mean? Bianca found her name listed under these "uninhabitable objects":

In Stierva, there was a little book that told about an "adventure park" only a ten-minute walk from where we were staying. This ended up being a real highlight. We all LOVED the zipline! There was other park equipment as well and the view was amazing!

Portia on the zipline

Bianca in front of the amazing view

Portia is no doubt upset that it wasn't her turn on the zipline

A little playhouse
We headed back early to pack up as the next day, we left for France.


Portia and Grandma in the front door to the Mistail monastery

A door in Chur

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