Friday, June 27, 2014

Ireland Day Three, Kinsale

We're still recovering from the time change. We actually slept in until noon today. Since we had slept away half the day already, we decided to stay in Kinsale.

Charles Fort is a short walk away from where we were staying. It was used to defend Ireland against the Spanish and English. It's pretty much ruins now but we were able to walk around. It was very beautiful overlooking the water. We took tons of pictures; it was almost like a little photo shoot.

Afterwards, we took the Scilly Walk into downtown Kinsale to find a place to eat dinner. After checking out a few shops (where Bianca needed earrings since she'd lost one of hers) and seeing some pretty interesting stuff along the way, we decided to split up. The kids didn't want seafood so Eric and I ate at Fishy Fishy (no, I'm not kidding). And the girls went to this little cafe for sandwiches.

Scilly Walk

The view of Kinsale from the Scilly Walk

Lots of great color in Kinsale—and this big anchor

We saw some pretty interesting stuff in Kinsale, this man really was fiddling and all these little dolls were moving

Lemon Leaf Cafe, where Bianca and Portia had their dinner

Doors of Kinsale

Bianca was braiding wildflowers into Portia's hair

I love the vines on this door.

The door to nowhere?

I love those little red flowers to the right. They were red and purple and really quite unusual.

I find it so interesting how plants grow out of brick here.

More like a gate. . . 

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Susannah Harper said...

So, you went with the door theme. You found some very interesting ones. It looks beautiful there, although Bianca's expressions are cracking me up. Teen-agers are so fun.